Friday, August 29, 2008

"Worship is the key to the renewal of the church."- Robert E. Webber
When I read this quote, it really hit me. We are crying out for revival in our churches these days. Desperate to see a move of God, to see His glory fill our services and the answer is so simple... WORSHIP.
The Bible clearly tells us that "He inhabits the praises of His people." God comes and dwells where His praises are. So if we want Him to "show-up", all we have to do is praise Him. It's in His presence that we will find the renewal that we are seeking. In His presence every need that we have can be met, all of the troubles and situations we are going through can disapear and we can be refreshed.
The more time we spend in worship throughout our day, the stronger and more refreshed we will be to fulfill the call that God has given us to reach this world for Him.
So I encourage you to spend more time in worship than ever before... when we draw nigh to Him, He draws nigh to us. We will find the revival and renewal the church is seeking in His presence... worship is the key.

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Cheryl L. said...

Needed this today!! Thanks for sharing!