Thursday, August 14, 2008


Welcome to our Worship Ministry Blog at Miracle Christian Center. Praise and worship is extremely important to us at MCC. We know that worship is what ushers in the very presence of God. The bible says "He inhabits the praisies of His people." When we take the time to worship Him and seek His face, He shows up! Worship lifts us up from where we are in our lives and pushes us up to a higher place.
It's not just the music before the preaching... it's a way of life. We should live a lifestyle of worship, where everything we do and everything we say brings glory and honor to Him.
My vision for this blog is to not only provide a playlist of beautiful worship music for you to enjoy, but to also provide devotions about worship that will enhance and grow your relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ. So, check back often and let me know what you think... if you do not have a google account to post comments, feel free to e-mail me!
The more you seek His face, the more you will find Him.

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Sherrie said...

Hey girlie I love the new worship blog, great idea!!! I sure do love the P & W there at MCC!! Love the new MCC site too! I've been browsing around on everybodies sites lol!!