Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Desire

What is your greatest desire? Riches? Fame? Happiness? Success? All of those things are great, but as children of God, our greatest desire should be to be used by Him. Every morning, we need to surrender ourselves, lay everything at His feet, and ask Him to use us in a mighty way today. There are certain people that only YOU can reach. If you are not willing to be used by God, how will they be reached?
I encourage you to surrender to be used by Him everyday. Be willing to surrender your all to Him and let Him use you to touch someone's life.
I love this Jeremy Camp song, "My Desire". This song should be the cry of our heart every morning when we wake up! Listen to the words and let it minister to you today!

{Don't forget to pause our playlist so you can hear the video!}

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